Bell Chemicals Ltd. was founded in 1997. After a well-processing the lubricant market, the basis for a successful start of own production has been created. In addition to the domestic market, Bell Chemicals is present in the markets of Italy, Slovenia, Romania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Macedonia. The company employs dozens of educated, professionals, and trained workers necessary for the quality performance of work activities and continuous positioning in the market.

The results achieved in the past are the result of the company’s business policy, professional staff, as well as the implementation of the latest technologies in production. Cooperation with eminent foreign and domestic suppliers has enabled us to monitor and apply trends in the field of lubricant production, car cosmetics, and equipment manufacturers.

Our goal is to produce top-quality products, which is confirmed by numerous recommendations and approvals of the prominent engine manufacturers such as Volvo, Renault, Mercedes, Volkswagen, MAN, and others.

The company’s policy is that the customer must be satisfied with the quality of products and services. Therefore, we procure raw materials exclusively from reliable suppliers we strive to nurture a partnership with. Further development is based on the automation of production, packaging design, improving customer service, which brings the slogan “On the waves of good oils” really has weight in our company for which quality and customer satisfaction are the primary goals.

All this is confirmed by the introduction of ISO 9001 quality with RW TÜV, as well as ISO 14001.

Mission – Constant desire to progress so we can meet all the needs of our customers and markets.

Vision – Long-term positioning in the market as a reliable, distinguishable partner recognized for its values and qualities.

Strengths and advantages:

  • High-quality products
  • Efficient and effective service
  • Own fleet
  • Internal laboratory
  • Production of all types of packaging
  • Wide range of products
  • Quality logistics support



Modest beginnings

After well-processing, the lubricant market within the “Colorita” store, owned by Bjelanović Vidomir and Kresoja Milena, the basis for a successful start of their production of lubricants was set, and as a result of it, in 1997 the company “Bell Chemicals” DOO was founded.


The volume of production growth confirms our assumptions year by year: it increased from 200 tons in 1997 to 1850 tons in 2002, and 2880 tons in 2006.


Production increased to as much as 4,800 tons in 2011, whereas almost the third of it is exported.

New export structure

In 2012, there was an increase in production and the structure of exports. A contract signed with a company from Italy significantly affects the volume of production and the ratio of challenges. Now the production has exceeded 6000 tons, and almost 50% of the total production is being exported

Results, cooperation, further growth

Today, production has exceeded 6000 tons, and almost 50% of the total production is being exported.


For strategic products, we have test recommendations from engine manufacturers such as DaimlerChrysler, Volvo, Renault and so on. We constantly educate customers by getting acquainted with world trends in production, and through promotional materials (catalogues, comparison tables).

We monitor lubricants during operation through our own application service, determine the period of on-site replacement using a lubri-sensor, and perform detailed analysis in our laboratory. By monitoring the oil during operation, at least one oil replacement per machine or engine during the year can be saved. Application service services are free.

Another service we provide is the distribution of products to the customer.

We produce packaging for commercial packaging for both oils and PET for aqueous solutions in our production planand different packaging of 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6 litres.
The company employs over thirty workers educated, professional, trained to perform quality work activities. All this was confirmed on 01.12.2003. by introducing ISO quality 9001 with RW TŰV. From 14.06.2010. ISO 14000 for human environment protection was introduced. Then, in 2006 accreditation of its laboratory according to the ISO quality system 17025 which is also in progress.